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Personal Training with  Max Reese


The first  step is reaching out with the mindset to commit to making a change in the way you treat your mind and body! You are here, so congrats on taking that first step! Coach Max looks forward to your consultation where you both will discuss your goals, any specific health issues you may have, and a roadmap to get you to your new healthy and  fit lifestyle!

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Doing The Work

Coach Max strongly believes that your work ethic and commitment level will determine your success in reaching your fitness goal. Holding yourself accountable is key to seeing results.

You Are What You Eat!

Your diet is 80% of your battle! Think about what your needs are as far as key nutrients and deficits. No two people with a fitness goal will have identical nutrition plans. Our bodies are all different in the way we digest food, where fat is stored, and what is needed to reach our individual goals.

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